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“The most valuable asset anyone can ever have in preserving their health in general and dealing with illness when it happens is a reliable source of valid information. Knowledge is the key that opens the door to everything that is important in health, and this web site is a very good key indeed. Thorax.us will finally provide authoritative and independent opinion from leading medical experts who have no axes to grind and are completely free from bias. At long last we have finally created another web site we can rely on whereby we can quickly get to the truth.”
––Dr. Ramesh Kaul

"At first appearance, morality in medicine might seem oddly strange to a society which often treats its doctors as demi-gods. But that, ironically, could very well be the problem as I see it. The ever-growing gap between modern medical technology and traditional practice and the worldwide erosion of ethical standards in our devalued times has necessitated this marriage between morality and medicine. Aside from the strictly ethical standpoint, honesty is–– not only the best policy, but the only possible policy from the standpoint of patient-doctor relations. If we expect and demand virtue and honor in others, the flame of both must burn brightly within ourselves. Honesty begets honesty; trust, trust; and so on through the whole category of desirable ethical  practices that must always be implemented in medicine."

––Dr. Ramesh Kaul


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Dr. Ramesh Kaul, MD., FCCP., M.S., was born and brought up in India, at nine years of age he was selected for Merit Scholarship of India for Top Ten children in India in 9  to 11 years age group. He did his schooling from Modern School Barakhmba Rd, New Delhi India. Dr.Kaul lived his early years in New Delhi India where he qualified in medicine and surgery from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Later he obtained his post-doctoral Master of Surgery qualification in Oto-rhino-laryngology from the same institute. A man of many interests and tastes. he trained at Columbia University, in New York in Pulmonary Medicine.

He was a clinical instructor in medicine and served on the faculty of Pulmonary Medicine. He is Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine and is currently working as a successful Pulmonologist in the Beaver, Pittsburgh & New Castle, PA in the US. His several fields of interest include general thought building and awareness of helping lung cancer patients. His professional interests include the continued collective sharing of innovative philosophies and treatments with all of his esteemed colleagues. Dr. Kaul is a strong advocate of medical ethics and professionalism in all medical practice. He expertly runs his own informative web sites on lung cancer. Among some of his best known and widely respected web sites are:  www.journalofmedicine.net, www.thorax.us and www.lungcancercare.com.


Prof. Anil Aggrawal, MBBS, MD is currently working as a Professor of both Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at one of the most highly respected medical institutions in India. He works at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He has written several books on medical care for the layman and runs two online journals— one is dedicated to forensic medicine and toxicology and the other to book reviews. He lives in New Delhi with his chemist wife, as well as his son and he impressively boasts a personal medical library of well over 20,000 books."

Thorax.us enables physicians, specialists and medical researchers to gain complete knowledge of the current world literature and to acquire the views of experts on current advances. Coverage in this review journal encompasses numerous fields of medicine including: Pulmonary, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Urology, Psychiatry, Medical Ethics, Rheumatology, Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Hematology. Each monthly issue focuses on one to three major topics. For each topic, the journal presents review and update articles, in which specialists express their frank opinions on developments during the previous year. Each review is accompanied by a comprehensive annotated bibliography of papers published in the preceding year. All papers published in the previous year on the topics covered by the current issue are listed at the back of the journal. This list of papers is drawn from an extensive range of journals, including basic science, general medicine, and specialty journals, and is divided according to subject area. Specially invited commentaries on wider or more topical issues in medicine are also included on a regular basis.

Lung cancer is perhaps one of the most common types of cancer diagnosed today. The lungs, of course, are a pair of cone-shaped organs situated inside the chest, they absorb oxygen into the body and emit carbon dioxide. There is indeed a confirmed link between smoking and lung cancer. This web site, fully coordinated by Dr. Kaul, is dedicated to informing the public about Lung Cancer Care as well as providing helpful tips and insight and a forum to discuss both concerns and prevention.

Dr. Kaul currently resides in New Castle, Pennsylvania.


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Lung cancer is perhaps one of the most common types of cancer diagnosed today. The lungs, of course, are a pair of cone-shaped organs situated inside the chest, they absorb oxygen into the body and emit carbon dioxide. There is a confirmed link between smoking and lung cancer. This web site, run by Dr. Ramesh Kaul, MD., FCCP., M.S., is dedicated to informing the public about Lung Cancer Care as well as providing helpful tips and insight and a forum to discuss both concerns and prevention.

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The American Lung Association
The mission of the American Lung Association® is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health. The American Lung Association® is the oldest voluntary health organization in the United States, with a National Office and constituent and affiliate associations around the country. Founded in 1904 to fight tuberculosis, the American Lung Association® today fights lung disease in all its forms, with special emphasis on asthma, tobacco control and environmental health. The American Lung Association® is funded by contributions from the public, along with gifts and grants from corporations, foundations and government agencies. The American Lung Association® achieves its many successes through the work of thousands of committed volunteers and dedicated staff members.

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